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The opinions I hold are mine and I base them on information that is readily available, however I do like to check out the validity and accuracy of that information.  When I see gaps or something that I feel doesn’t make sense, my usual course of action is to ask those who should know the answer. Sometimes those people seem either reluctant to provide a clear answer or remarkably uninformed!

To set the record straight I have no medical background, nor one in medical research. I do have experience in gathering and evaluating information and data from a variety of sources and looking at what is being said based on that information …… and more importantly what information seems to be missing from that data that would reasonably be required to support the various claims and assumptions being made against it.

I am absolutely certain that there are people out there who will strongly disagree with what I have to say ……. They are welcome to, but if you do disagree, then be aware that I’m unlikely to simply accept your views unless you can provide some robust evidence to support them.

Personal anecdotes and the ‘it worked for me‘ approach are very unlikely to change my mind!

Comments are always welcome – but please just try sticking to getting your point over ….  abusive comments aren’t usually required and do nothing to strengthen your argument!   This blog is open to anybody to read and whilst I rarely, if ever get offended (more often amused!) others might.

If you do feel that your argument can only be supported by derogatory or abusive comments, then don’t complain if your comment is edited or deleted.



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  1. You are a very sad case arent you????
    Like the little child at school who keeps running to the teachers to “tell on” the other kids.
    Were you bullied at school.?
    Obviously some void missing in your life

  2. Yeah well at least his Mum’s not on the cover of cr*ck wh*re magazine…


  3. skepticbarista

    October 21, 2009

    Hmm …… Having a ‘void missing’ means there is no void in my life !!

  4. Skeptic Barista sounds like the kind of guy that was there for his friends making sure they didn’t get scammed or ripped off.

  5. I can now see a whole new Monty Python-esque film: “The Quest for the Missing Void”. Alternatively there are plenty between galaxy superclusters.

  6. Just curious why you chose chiropractic to pick on? Perhaps the general population would benefit more if you attacked the true perpetrators of ANTI-health, the pharmaceutical industry and the medical doctors who so blindly and eagerly follow it. Are you familiar with the concept of malpractice insurance? Ask your average medical doctor what he/she pays yearly for malpractice, then ask your average chiropractor. VASTLY different! I don’t think the actuaries are making up the statistics that chiropractors RARELY hurt or kill their patients.
    Granted, I’m not a big fan of the non-scientific approach many chiros take when promoting what they do, but I’m equally not a fan of unproven drugs with many many harmful side effects (and minimum efficacy) being touted as miricle cures by big PHARMA and MDs alike.

  7. “Perhaps the general population would benefit more if you attacked the true perpetrators of ANTI-health, the pharmaceutical industry and the medical doctors who so blindly and eagerly follow it.”

    Snore. Real doctors give real (biologically active) medicines and treatments which have real benefits and also real risks. People nowadays expect conventional medicine to produce one thing (benefit) without the other (risk), hence the lawsuits and the malpractice insurance premiums.

    Alt.Health religionists, in contrast, dispense things which are almost entirely ineffective. Because of this, many of them pose no direct risk, though even homeopathy (alias sugar pills plus a sympathetic listener bullshitting you) can kill you if you decide to treat your cancer that way rather than with actual medicine,

    Chiropractic similarly is a belief-based system of nonsense. However, it does also carries finite risks, though chirorpractors (secure in their faith) routinely deny this. Ask the chiropractors who have been sued for their neck-wrenching treatment having induced a vertebrobasilar artery stroke if they have to carry malpractice insurance.

    People may choose to accept the risks of chiropractic treatment – though probably without ever being told by the chiro what these actually are. But it costs money, and confers little or no benefit.

    It is a little like paying to take a plane ride (which carries a small risk) but one where the plane simply takes off, flies round the airport for 2 hrs, and then lands again – following which the chiropractor tells you that you really HAVE been to France, honestly.

    The amazing thing is that people believe it, and pay money to be conned. The wonder of human gullibility.

  8. Great stuff. Really enjoying your blog… may come and bother you at some point for a skeptical cup of coffee and a chat


    p.s. RE ‘pick on’ chiropractors? Tee hee hee… yeah, poor little underpaid, altruistic chiropractors. You should be ashamed of yourself SB.


  9. Leigh Phillips

    June 18, 2010

    Dear Skeptic Barista, You are a blessing! I want to tell you thank you for all that you do to educate people like myself and my family. I have been reading your articles on chiropractors and subluxations. Thank you for providing proof that there is NO research evidence to support any claims that a subluxation (as used by chiropractors) is in any way responsible for causing disease or other health concerns. My daughter works for a chiropractor who has filled her head with such outlandish bologna. You have given me the proof I needed to convince her of his deceit by making the ones who are responsible for these false claims admit there is no evidence to support their claims. Thank you so much. I see some people don’t appreciate your information by the ugly comments left for you. I want you to know there are a lot of us out here who do appreciate all that you do. God bless you and yours. Sincerely, Leigh


  10. special

    August 31, 2010

    Hi Leigh, are you the sketpic bastard in disguise. God bless


    • skepticbarista

      August 31, 2010

      Certainly not!

    • Special, I’m not sure if you are being hateful or if you’re kidding around.
      I’m just a concerned mother looking for information. I found this site
      while doing research and found Skeptic Barista article’s to be very informative and helpful. Sincerely, Leigh

  11. “It’s better to question what you are told to believe, than simply believe what you are told without question !” – from your own blog…

    Just come across your blog and from it the above

    So why should anyone believe you? Who are you anyway? You have provided a woolly fluffy description of yourself but what actual qualifications do you possess in the field of scientific research, medicine, complementary therapy to be in a position to judge? You do not list any references with your comments which make them no more than anecdotal.


    • skepticbarista

      September 28, 2010

      Thanks for your comment.
      Why should anyone believe me …. they shouldn’t!
      Honestly I genuinely believe that people shouldn’t just accept my view, I would much prefer that they start asking questions for themselves. It’s amazing the answers that reveal themselves once you start asking some very simply questions!

      What I do is simply to ask questions, it is other people, organisations and therapists that make claims that need justifying.
      You say my comments are no more than anecdotal. Well that’s the beauty of being having independent organisations like the ASA or Trading Standards be the ones who actually pass judgement on the claims made. They provide the answers to the questions when the quacks fail.

      How strange that the ASA & Trading Standards so often with me. How strange that when these claims are challenged there is no evidence, or at best very poor evidence to support the claims. How strange that the therapist will often remove claims without ever attempting to defend them.

      Strange that you criticise me for asking people to prove claims (particularly as so many are health related) and yet you don’t question those who, with no medical training
      offer to treat conditions that can often serious if not life threatening when not treated correctly.

      Those who offer to provide diagnosis and treatment of illness & disease often have no medical training, they often learn their therapies through unapproved colleges with little or no quality control and a total disregard for Evidence Based Medicine – but apparently you consider it wrong to question that!

      What are my scientific or medical qualifications ……. none! and I freely admit it. The fact that I’m not a scientist goes to show just how easy it is to discredit these claims.

      Of course you may be willing to accept the word of scientists ….. if that’s so then I can find you lots of documented, good quality scientific evidence to support the view that these therapies have not been proven to be of any benefit.

      I doubt any of this will matter to you …. I get the impression that you are either a therapist of some sort, or you waste your money on them.
      Of course that’s just a feeling I get … I dont have any evidence to prove it!

      And as for my ‘fluffy’ description – Feel free to leave a link you a website ‘Jane’


  12. sachablackbird

    August 14, 2011


    I enjoy your site.

    you have a typo here:

    I’m unlikely to simiply accept your views unless you can provide some robust evidence to support them.



  13. I love this website.
    It is time people started to “Think”. Instead of taking all discussion as a personal attack. There is some growing up to do in some of the replies left by these professionals. I am an Osteopath and I welcome debate, criticism and any open forum. All observation and opinion is justified not just the ones you should happen to prefer. Sceptic Burista is carrying out a valuable service. One that required to seek out all that is nonsense and all that is legitimate. The professional of osteopathy has both. As does any other professional profession.


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