CranioSacral: A slow learner!

Posted on December 13, 2012



In the past I have done a number of posts on CranioSacral Therapy (CST)  covering the claims made and the lack of evidence to support those claims.

On a number of occasions I have also mentioned a PAT Hughes, a CranioSacral Therapist who works in my local area.  She has repeatedly made misleading claims regarding the use and effectiveness of CranioSacral Therapy.    Pat Hughes must be a very slow learner!

2010:  Pat Hughes was the source of  a CST leaflet that was the subject of an ASA adjudication and I covered here in What is CranioSacral Therapy.

2011:  Pat Hughes was distributing leaflets (via health food stores) in my local area, these leaflets were making the same misleading claims that craniosacral could treat a number of medical conditions.  This was covered here:  CranioSacral Challenged and ASA action  resulted in in an Informal Adjudication published  on 30 Mar 2011.  At the same time Mrs Hughes website which repeated the claims made on the leaflet went off  line ….. But it’s back!

2012:    Her website is currently making the same claims as before:  Dynamic Treatments

Prevention is better than cure!  (CST can do neither!)

Her current claims are certainly no better than at any time in the past and if anything they could be classed as actually being worse!

She is now claiming that CST can actually ‘prevent‘ conditions such as ear infections and colic as well a ‘treating‘ more serious conditions such as cerebral palsy and autism.  These are both conditions that require properly qualified, long term supervision.

She also advertises her treatments and repeats her claims at other locations, including:

The Natural Health Centre (Nottingham)

“Cranio Sacral Therapy can help many conditions e.g. migraine, neck and back tension, bone and joint problems, menstrual problems, TMJ and jaw problems, tinnitus, arthritis and stress. It is also useful for people who have experienced trauma, e.g. accidents, operations, shock, emotional & physical stress; as CST can calm and settle the nervous system.

CST also plays a special role in treating babies. It can prevent common problems such as colic, sleeplessness, irritability and help more serious conditions such as cerebral palsy, autism and hyperactivity.”

Optimum Health Centre (Nottingham)

“CST aids deep relaxation and calms the nervous system. CST is known for its work with babies and children – many childhood conditions can be traced back to stress at birth. For babies CST improves colic, eases pain and sleep problems, and increases in energy and well being. It is also helpful for a number of other conditions in people of all ages.

Conditions that this therapy can help include:
Birth Trauma, Chronic Fatigue, Colic, Anxiety and Depression, Emotional problems, Headaches”

Easthgate Health Centre (Leicester).

“CST has a calming effect on the nervous system and can prove helpful in cases of anxiety, shock, trauma and post operative conditions. Other conditions often seen include, TMJ dysfunction, headaches & migraines, ME, and pain.

CST is also effective in helping pregnant women to relax and ease back pain & nausea. It is especially effective in supporting babies recovering from birth, with symptoms such as colic, sleep problems and excessive crying. Please talk to the Pat Hughes for more information.”

Like many CST therapists, Mrs Hughes has no formal medical training she is not qualified to properly diagnose, treat or prevent any of the conditions she makes claims for.  I can see no mention of her advising people seek properly qualified medical advice for any of the conditions she lists.


And for that reason  Mrs Hughes current claims are now back with the ASA !


I suppose I should really pop into a certain local health food shop to see if her leaflets are back!