Jersey Chiropractor: False GCC membership claims..

Posted on September 4, 2010


Having heard from the GCC today about the complaints I submitted, it seems I turned up one chiropractor who is being deliberately dishonest.

Here she is:
Dr Marie-Christine Dix DC MBCA
Back to Balance Chiropractic Clinic
Lido de France Medical Centre
St Saviour’s Road
St Helier
Channel Islands

Her page clearly states “Dr Dix is regulated by The General Chiropractic Council.”

Errr that’s wrong according to the GCC who say she is not registered with them and does not come under their remit.  They have written to her to tell her to remove the claims.  She also claims to be a member of the BCA – well she doesn’t show up doing a search of their website and the BCA require all its members to be GCC registered, so that would also seem to be wrong!  Her pages display the logos for both organisations.

She claims to have qualified as a chiropractor with the AECC – and that may well be true, but certainly worth checking.  Any AECC members out there able to confirm this?

Her webpage also says “Undertakes work for most major health insurance providers including AXAPPP and Norwich Union”  I wonder how these health insurers view these false claims?

I think the CPR2008 cover the Chan Is and if they do then she is clearly in breach of at least one item of CPR 2008 Schedule 1 (prohibited commercial practices).

Schedule 1 (4) Claiming that a trader (including his commercial practices) or a product has been approved, endorsed or authorised by a public or private body when the trader, the commercial practices or the product have not or making such a claim without complying with the terms of the approval, endorsement or authorisation.

Anyway her webpages have been saved and her claims sent to Jersey Trading Standard, I have asked them to look at the claims, verify her qualifications and confirm she meets whatever standards are required to practice as a chiropractor in Jersey.

===========Update / Correction =========

I have had it confirmed by the BCA that Marie-Christine Dix is in fact registered with the BCA.  When I searched for her (using her clinic postcode) nothing was returned, but her details can be seen her:

The BCA’s usual requirement for membership is registration with the GCC

Chiropractors applying must already be registered or in the process of registering with General Chiropractic Council, the UK’s statutory regulator for the profession.

But the GCC’s remit does not extend to the Chan Islands, so I guess the BCA make an exception to their membership requirments.

However membership of the BCA does not automatically grant her the right to claim to be GCC registered.