Psychic Estate Agent ..

Posted on May 11, 2010


Last night my wife and some friends went for a meal. During the evenings conversation, one of her friends told her what happened when an estate agent came to see her about selling her mothers home. The house belonging to the elderly mother was being sold as she was alone and unable to cope, so she was moving into a care home. The estate agent (a self proclaimed psychic) knew all these details.

It seems that as he entered the house he claimed to be able to feel a spirit presence. When this wasn’t challenged he offered up a description of an old man and managed to tie this to the elderly womans husband. He followed this up with ‘a message’ from the deceased husband, saying that selling the house was the right thing to do!

Unfortunately, my wifes friend believes all that rubbish, so didn’t question or challenge him on any of it. My wife admits she sees her friend in a different light and had to bite her toung on a few occasions …. it was the womans birthday meal, so she didn’t want to upset her.

I find this pretty sick & unless he can prove he has a genuine gift of being able to speak to the dead then it’s underhand and dishonest. If he’d done this to me or a member of my family, I’d be reporting him.

I’d love to get more details and set this guy up to view/sell my house, but can’t see it working.

Ironically, my wife came home and told me this just as Derren Brown was investigating Joe Power on TV.

Note: This is a quick post being sent from my phone, it may get an edit later if I can find out more details and have access to a keyboard of a size more suited to my fingers!

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