GCC’s latest advice for patients & spine wizards..

Posted on March 1, 2010


I’ve just had email confirmation from the GCC’s Chief Executive & Registrar (Margaret Coats)  that following the publication of the results of it’s own evidence review, the GCC is expecting to issue an updated version of their Patient Information Leaflet by the end of the week.

The changes to the new version have been run past the Committee of Advertising Practice Copy Advice Team and  is currently being checked for ‘plain English certification’

She also confirmed that the following guidance was issued by email to all their registrants (for whom they have an email address):


In June 2009, the GCC commissioned a review of the evidence base for advertised claims made by chiropractors across a very wide range of conditions.  The report, with commentaries by Professor Scott Haldeman and Professor Martin Underwood, has just been published and is available via the GCC home page, as the latest ‘News’ item http://www.gcc-uk.org/page.cfm.  I hope this will be a useful tool for you in reviewing the content of your printed advertisements and any website that publicises your practice.  A printed copy of the documents will be sent to you in the next week or so.”

You’ll notice the advice covers advertising AND website content …… Maybe it’s time to revisit a few websites & old complaints!

There remain a number of chiropractors websites that still carry claims that chiropractic can treat colic.  I found a few new ones tonight and have them saved, I’ll be emailing the chiropractors directly to see if they are willing to remove claims for colic etc and update their websites to reflect the latest finding & advice of their regulator.

I also have a few old complaints where the Trading Standards offices concerned took no action (conflicting evidence!),  and it will be interesting to see what action Edinburgh TS now take … previously they said the chiropractor had supplied them with evidence supporting the claims.    Edinburgh TS also gave Simon Perry the same reply (excuse), as shown on his blog  Adventures in nonsense