A dose of Homeopathic Clap-trap..

Posted on February 9, 2010


On Thursday 28 Jan my local paper printed an article in the run up to the 1023 campaign mass overdose.   It was a good article (not available online as far as I know) and it stated the 1023 campaign message very clearly.   In the interests of fairness and presenting views from all sides the article also included quotes from Boots and a local homeopath (Anupama Tadikamalla).

In the article Ms Tadikamalla is quoted as saying

“Anything bought over the counter does not tend to be as effective as what is prescribed by a doctor and it’s the same with homeopathy.  I have patients who come in with a problem, I prescribe homeopathic remedies and their problem is relieved.  That is the proof it works”

Clearly that’s not ‘proof’ is just another homeopathy anecdote.  Curious about Ms Tadikamalla, I visited her website ( http://www.leicesterhomeopathy.co.uk/ )

On the site she made a number of claims that she could provide Prophylaxis in case of epidemics and Childhood infections !

It was twitter user and Leicester Skeptic @Yogzotot who pointed out to me that she was also claiming to treat sexually transmitted diseases!  (Thanks Sven – still can’t believe I missed that one!)

Her full list of claims has been captured here http://www.freezepage.com/1265742196CJCBMIBSKL

Well that was enough, so on Sun 31 Jan (the day after my 1023 overdose), I fired off a letter to Leicester Trading Standards.  As far as I was concerned her claims were not just quackery, but were a danger to public health.  Anybody taking sugar pills as treatment for for STD’s is not getting any treatment at all.  The disease will continue to get worse and if the person thinks they’re being cured they’re likely to spread it further!

This evening I got a reply from Trading Standards stating that they had spoken to her and…..

“I offered her best practice advice, suggesting that it may be advisable to moderate her claims and perhaps include warnings such as, “homeopathy may be used to complement conventional medicine” and “you should not delay in seeking conventional medical attention, as appropriate”.

“In recognition of your complaint she advised me that she would immediately, of her own free will, remove the claims of which you complained from her website.  I have looked at the website today, and it appears that the “Homeopathic Medicines” section has now been removed.”

Interesting that she didn’t try to defend her claims, but at least the claims have been taken down.

Given the homeopathic principle of ‘law of  similars”, I hardly dare speculate what remedy she offers to treat a dose of the clap!