Gods Red Shirt Brigade !

Posted on September 18, 2009


This is only a minor rant, but sometimes people just assume they can do anything they want !!!

Over the past week or two the quiet towns and villages of NW Leicestershire have been invaded by red sweatshirt wearing evangelists calling themselves “Walk National Forest

They are on the streets stopping people, going into pubs at night, going door to door around homes and businesses and in the village where I live they have set up a free ‘street cafe’ offering passers-by cold drinks and biscuits ….. along with a a bit of preaching !

The majority of those who see them assume they are promoting the National Forest (an enviroment project in NW Leicestershire) only to be grilled about their beliefs if they stop to talk.

So all well and good I suppose, live and let live, as long as they don’t try do push it down my throat.
However, there I was enjoying a pretty good day at work today. The espresso was pouring nicely, lots of happy customers and the sun was even shinning ….. what could go wrong !

Suddenly the door opens and in walk two of God’s Red Shirt Brigade. The woman (grey haired, probably early 60’s) says “I bet you can’t guess why we’re here”, one customer assumes it’s to do with the National Forest.
“No” she cries, she spreads her arms out wide, throws her head back and SHOUTS “We’re here to tell you all about Christ !”

Ok, as far as I’m concerned that qualifies as ‘pushing it down my throat‘, coffee shop full of customers or not, this stops now ! She didn’t manage to get anymore of her message across, she was told “No you don’t – Time to leave”.
They were politely but firmly pointed in the direction of the now open door. The woman asks why and seems genuinely shocked when I say that they didn’t even have the common courtesy to ask if they could come in and start preaching at the tables whilst customers were having lunch.

Both of Gods Red Shirt Brigade leave (the man has neither done nor said anything), but they seem reluctant to walk away. A few minutes later the woman walks back in and says that the real reason they were coming in was becuase it was her birthday and they were going to have coffee and cake !

I pointed out that customers order coffee not stand in the middle of my shop shouting about Christ ! I futher point out that I’m an atheist and that I find it offensive that they automatically assume they can walk into my business and start preaching whenever they see fit.

She leaves again …… and that seems to have been enough to get rid of them for the day

There are two churches close to my coffee shop one is about 150 yds up the hill and there is a Methodist church just over the road, both are open and both are in easy view from our windows and both are empty !
If people really did want to be preached at on a Friday afternoon, if they really wanted to hear ‘Gods message’ then they could easily walk into the church …… they would then be fair game for any evangelical red shirt to corner.

None of our customers seemed upset by any of this. One commented that she couldn’t believe the woman would do that. I simply said that they can believe pretty much what they want …. but preach it in church !

There must be at least 8 of them in the village, one seems to be loitering around outside the open but empty Methodist chruch and the others are out and about bothering people. They still looked in through our window, but walked on by !!GodsRedshirts

The guy in this pic was not content with stopping pedestrians, when cars stopped for a red light at the crossing, he was actually leaning into any open windows preaching.

My advice to him is that if he sees a black Jeep …… Don’t go sticking your head through the window !

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