Another TS/Chiro Update ..

Posted on September 5, 2009


Just a quick update on two of the chiropractor complaints I submitted, both are concerning chiropractors who I spotted in July whilst  on holiday in Yorkshire:

North Yorkshire County Council:

Today I  had a reply from North Yorkshire County Council Trading Standards.

In the letter I’m assuming that ‘other authorities‘  includes other Trading Standards offices across the UK and that they are working on a common stance regarding the large number of chiropractor complaints..

I refer to your recent complaint to this Service about the possible misleading claims being made on the website of the Family Chiropractic Clinic.

Trading Standards Services across the country are in receipt of a great number of complaints about the use of such claims by chiropractors.  As such, this Service is working with other authorities to ascertain the facts and to devise a protocol for advising Chiropractors.

We thank you for your complaint and make note of the details and this will be dealt with when this protocol is agreed.

If the common protocol mentioned is true then it sounds like a good thing.   Just looking  at the responses to my own complaints, it clearly shows that there are big differences between TS offices and their willingness to investigate these claims.    I’m sure a wider look would show even more varied responses …. I believe that one of Simon Perry’s complaints was rejected by a TS authority because he didn’t live in their post code area (need to confirm that!!) !

It has to be hoped that whilst devising this common protocol, Trading Standards look closely at the  evidence used by chiropractors and that it is  properly investigated, not just taken at face value !    Problems could arise if  TS are taken in by the claims made by the ‘clinical trials’ quoted by chiropractors, the last thing needed is a common protocol in favour of quackery!

But if or more correctly when the evidence is  found to be lacking, Trading Standards across the country should then be able to take pretty swift action in getting these claims removed.

Of course all of this means that my complaint is effectively on hold until TS agree the way forward …. and that could be some time !

Family Chiropracitic Clinic – Harrogate:
Although I continued to practice I did not have time for extra learning so for almost 10 years my paediatric career was based in raising and learning through my own children, not extra study.”

York City Council:

Having been given a bit of a run around with this complaint, it has eventually landed back on a desk at York City Trading Standards (having been resubmitted via Consumer Direct).  They have now decided that they will investigate the matter.    They state that during the course of the investigation they will consider an number of factors including  ‘quality of evidence‘ – That should be an interesting one !

The only problem with this is that the chiropractor has TOTALLY changed their website.  The pages referred to in the original complaint have gone and the wording on subjects such as colic, asthma and allergies has totally changed.  However, there are still issues that need looking at  …… They now start their pages on colic etc with a very short statement that ‘chiropractic is not a treatment for’   Then they continue with a full page of supposed benefits on the use of chiropractic for the particular condition.

With that in mind I’ll be putting together some futher info and sending it to the TS officer responsible for the case.

Chiropractic1st – York

On their website they say they are happy to answer questions using the ’email the doc’ option, so I’ll also be sending them some  about the scientific nature of chiropractic (see ‘for sceptics only’ page).