York City TS

Posted on August 22, 2009


Another reply and yet another different course of action from TS !

York City TS have returned my original letter (but retained a copy) and say I should enter my complaint in the first instance through Consumer Direct.

” …Consumer Direct will ensure that if your complaint or enquiry relates to any of the matters Trading Standards can provide further help with, or your complaint remains unresolved, your details will be referred.

All consumer matters are routed through Consumer Direct because this allows us to collate all local and national complaints about any trader and access the information via a central database.

The advantage for the customer is that there are longer opening hours in which to seek advice and access more operators which can lead to a faster response time”

I’m not sure how York City TS think that by returning my letter and asking me to send it via Consumer Direct this will provide a ‘faster response time’ ……… But if that’s what they want then I’ll do it !

Note:  Thats me up to date with activity that has happened over the past month