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Posted on August 20, 2009


The ASA have responded to my complaint regarding the ‘Infants & Babies’ leaflet distributed by Chiropractic1st in York.

Thanks you for your complaint.  We have considered your complaint and we will take it up with the advertisers.

We intend to deal with your complaint under our formal investigations procedure, which means that we will ask the advertiser to comment on the complaint and send in evidence to support the claims.

Well I’m assuming that the only thing chiropractic1st can do is to submit to the usual list of ‘trials’ as referenced in the leaflet itself.  The ASA letter says I’ll get an opportunity to comment on any recommendation before it is considered by the Council.

If the advertiser responds to your complaint by offering to change the advertising in a way that resolves your concerns, we may close the case without referring it to Council or publishing an adjunction.

Although this leaflet was given to me by Chiropractic1st it is actually published by Koren Publications in the US so I doubt they can do anything to change the advert and I’m guessing it’s probably distributed by quite a few chiropractors – in fact there was a sticker on the back of the leaflet for a chiro in Gateshead ….. Anybody in Gateshead want to see if they’re still using it ?

If the ASA do uphold the complaint against this publication I may need to look at contacting the GCC to see if they will advise their members to withdraw the leaflet from circulation.  Unless anybody can suggest a better way of going about it ?

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