Getting Involved …

Posted on August 11, 2009


A few days after getting home and I’ve done a quick google search on ” chiropractc and kids” and have ended up with a list of chiropractors with websites that all make reference to the use of chiropractic for the treatment of colic.   Some openly state that they have ‘great success treating‘ colic, others refer to colic in a list of  ‘conditions seen by chiropractors’.

A short exchange of emails with Simon Perry and I can discount 5 of the ones on my list as they’ve already had letters sent in.   That still leaves me with a total of 12 chiropractic websites that seem to be deserving of a letter.

A few days later and I’ve double checked the websites concerned,  made a backup of the relevant pages and I’ve got 11 Trading Standards letters ready to go, covering the 12 websites.

My letter was a slightly modified version of the one sent out by Simon.  The only real changes involved listing the individual chiropractors at each clinic by name and also referencing Edzard Ernst’s BMJ article (BMJ 2009;339:b2766).

Trading Standards letters sent: Edinburgh (2) / Camden / Hammersmith & Fulham / Warwickshire (2) / North Yorks / Richmond / Barking & Dagenham / Milton Keynes / York

Now I just wait and see what happens !