Every blog has to start somewhere !

Posted on July 13, 2009


Who: Skeptic Barista

What: Nothing more that some random activities, spurious brain dumps and occasional rants !

Where: Well here actually ……

Why: Because sometimes 140 Twitter characters just isn’t enough …

When: Whenever I’ve got something to say and can find the time to say it …

I had been following the Simon Singh case and the actions of a number of bloggers, so was well aware of the various claims made by chiropractors.

During a short break in York I found myself in a hotel and right over the road was a chiropractor who was clearly focusing on chiropracitc for kids. I could hardly pass up the opportunity to have a look.     Things just progressed from there   !!!!

This was around the time that some of the Skeptic ‘big hitters’ were sending off complaints in their hundreds.

I will state now that I see my input as a very minor ‘mopping up excercise‘ that just picked up a few strays …… still, every little counts !!